terms of service


1 This Terms of Service agreement is updated on July 26, 2021.

2 If you do not wish to agree to any or all Terms of Service for Socialeos website, do not accept the agreement and thereby do not make any purchase on the Socialeos website.

3 Any changes in the Terms of Service ce shall modify or replace all former agreements.

4 Typing errors on Socialeos website are reserved.

5 Social Paadise operates and provides all services on the website.


1 Our services can only be used for promoting social media content.

2 Any posts which are not suitable for social media platforms like nudity or objectionable material, must not be uploaded to the service’s rotation.

3 Any user must not exploit the system due to his/her knowledge.

4 Delivery might be delayed sometimes, despite the planned date mentioned in the order page. The delay is normal. If you experience a delay, contact customer support for resolution. Delay or late delivery would not mean refunding the payment.

5 Late delivery of service does not mean the user will get a refund.

6 The purchased amount is not guaranteed. Usually, delivery is done for a little more. In case a lesser amount is delivered, contact the customer support.

7 Users may use the services of Socialeos at their own risk. We do not take responsibility for any consequences resulting from use of the service. 100% of the risk lies with the user/buyer.

8 Unsubscribing to your channel may occur. Contact customer support if this happens and they will resolve the problem. You cannot claim a refund in this scenario.

9 Subject to following conditions, we follow a 30-day refill/ replacement guarantee on followers -
* Warranty only applicable for the latest order.
* If the followers drop below the starting count of the last order, we will NOT refill the followers for the account.


1 You agree that when you purchase ‘followers’ or ‘likes’, you understand what you’re purchasing. Hence, you cannot file for fraud or dispute via your bank, credit card or Paypal.

2 If we notice a fraudulent attempt to file a claim, dispute, chargeback or unauthorized transaction, we have the right to ban your IP address or username from Socialeos.

3 For service interruption, failure or other issues, partial or full refunds will NOT be issued. Refunds are only considered when the order is not delivered at all.

4 When you purchase anything from Socialeos, you agree to the Terms of Service of Paypal. Hence, you agree not to break their rules.

Privacy Policy

This policy mentions how Socialeos uses your personal information. We ensure complete privacy and safety on Socialeos. We take measures to keep your personal information safe.
Only orders are filled using any personal information. We do not redistribute or sell the same to a third party.

Refund Policy

Refunds are granted when the delivery does not begin within the first 72 hours of placing the order and the user does not receive any email from our end. In such situations, we offer a full refund upon request by the user.


By using the services provided by Socialeos, you agree to the Terms of Service and that you are 13 years or older in age.


Users can in no way copy any images, text or the programming used on the Socialeos website without written consent from a representative of Socialeos.
Any user may only use the services/ website in manners intended for. Also, any use of the website must follow the agreements made with Instagram according to their Terms of Service.


1 Socialeos or any associated people do not take liability of account suspension, deletion of posts or any strikes by Instagram. Any negative comments, votes, messages, etc. are not a liability of Socialeos. All risk lies with the user.

2 The complete risk of using our services lies with the user. We are not responsible for any consequences resulting from the use of our service/ website. 100% of the risk lies with the buyer/ customer.


Socialeos is not responsible for any business losses or damages, in any way. We do not express or imply any guarantees or assurances for our services. We do not guarantee the availability or up time of Socialeos website as it uses the internet for service delivery.

Change in Terms

The Terms of Service are subject to change over time. Depending on the date mentioned in the Terms of Service, notice of changes shall be considered given and effective. The changes come into effect from the date they are posted on the website. Socialeos does not need to send any additional notices to users continuing the use of our website. The information above applies to all services we offer, regardless of the social media platforms in consideration.